Frank is a fantastic artist who
has won multiple Hugo Awards
for his art.  

Here is Stu Segal with Frank in
Boston in 2004, the morning after
he won his first Hugo (note the
Hugo on the table in the

We are great fans of Frank's art  -  
creative, fresh, meaningful.  To
see some of our Frank Wu art,
please click:

Our favorite Frank Wu art
Rashmi & Stu's Art
Seems as we go through life we accumulate "stuff", and this stuff which occupies the same living
space as us has an impact on how we feel.  I know sometimes I'll look at some bit of stuff  -  it
might be a car, or a chesspiece, or a vase, or something that once belonged to our parents, or an
Aunt or Grandparent  -  and it'll make us smile.  Either because it evokes a memory or because
it's just so beautiful.

This has caused us to try to surround ourselves with stuff that makes us feel good.  (Maybe we
were collecting this stuff unconsciously at first, but then the realization that the color of the
carpets, the shape of the vase, the art on the wall all had an effect on daily life caused this effort
to be more conscious).

To that end we share below, and through the links,
some of the work of our favorite artists and the art that fills our life.

Perhaps the most popular, certainly the most
honored, of all science fiction artists.

To see the original Freas we acquired quite by
chance, please click:
Frank Kelly Freas sketch

An 1950s/60s/70s Atlantic City area artist,
and a friend of my aunt Barbara Youtie.

To see Jon's critically acclaimed work please click:
Cast Not the First Stone
ANTHONY GIBBS                                                   

Rashmika developed an appreciation of the
nature art of Charles Frace and Anthony Gibbs in
the eighties.  She especially appreciates their
illustrations of "big cats".  To see Rashmika's
favorites please click on the artists' names.


Butterfly artist, and
founder of Mariposa
Butterfly Gallery, Mr.
Hill has made custom
pieces for Bill Clinton,
Queen Beatrice of
Holland, John Lithgow,
Rudy Giuliani. . . . . .
and in 1987 he made a
custom piece for