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Stu Segal was a fit, healthy 37-year-old—or that's what he thought until Fathers’ Day 1987
ended with a heart attack. When the ER doctor told him he might or might not survive, he
realized that, one way or another, life as he knew it was over.

Too Young for a Heart Attack, Stu traces the journey of a man facing the new reality that
though much of what he loved was gone, yes, he might still be able to live a long and happy
life—if he methodically changed his approach to the things he'd always taken for granted.

Over the course of weeks, months and years, Stu says goodbye to the habits he's used to and
rebuilds them all from the ground up—his work, his eating, his physical activities, even his
hobbies and relationships. And along the way, he learns that happiness isn't exactly what he
thought it was.

Readers seeking heart-health advice will find
Too Young for a Heart Attack includes a top-10-
healthy-practices list, a food appendix featuring heart-friendly recipes, and medical expertise
from cardiologist Ian J. Molk, M.D.
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